Contract Front End Developer

JavaScript - HTML5 - CSS3 - Mobile Web

Mike Morley
+44 7974 267 854

I am a Contract Front End Developer and Mobile Specialist. I build web application interfaces for market leading companies, delivering usable, elegant, performant and highly maintainable front-end web solutions.

An expert in writing JavaScript to deliver a rich user experience that is built upon a framework of well structured accessible HTML5 markup and pixel perfect, cross platform CSS. An advocate of the most recent standards and simplicity in design, with 15 years commercial experience in a variety of multi-functional software engineering teams and creative agency environments.

At the moment I am…

Building a digital marketplace for fine wines at Fine+Rare.

Responsive Web App Development

Building web apps for multiple devices and platforms is my core skill. Incorporating reusable branded design patterns into complex software, web apps and hybrid web/native apps.


Expert JavaScript programming with JSON and AJAX to bring rich interaction to apps. A preference for native ECMAScript but with in depth experience of a range of JavaScript libraries, third party APIs and TDD (test driven development).


Expert knowledge of building well structured, semantic markup with HTML5. Integrating a wide range of HTML5 APIs into web apps, such as the HTML5 video player at Go Viral or single page web apps at and Barclays.


Pixel perfect, cross browser, cross platform, responsive CSS and an advocate of progressive enhancement, utilising the best of recent CSS3 features.